The Nebraska Shades of Green Library is an edited compendium of essential reading and viewing incorporating a wide range of subjects, with an array of origins. With the support of the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET), we have gathered here videos, white papers, articles, as well as some select NET-sponsored projects that demonstrate how our concept of The Five Domains of Sustainability

and our trademarked Sustainometrics© can be applied to projects of all sizes and types, in terms of design, planning, and measurement of effects/outcomes. You will also find here a section called Global Shades of Red, which includes articles and reports which indicate potential warnings of unsustainable conditions for communities. Please check back often for additions and updates.

Select Videos

Nebraska Nexus: Resources, Conservation, Development and Change – JISC’s award-winning video addresses a sustainable path forward in the face of climate change.

EcoSpheres – A documentary featuring highlights from JISC’s pathbreaking EcoSpheres conference with world experts on population migration, climate change, urban challenges.

Communities on the Prairie: Exploring Sustainability – A series of short videos examines the growing need for sustainable development and systems needed for it in Nebraska cities and towns.

Sustainable Design & Planning in Omaha – Cecil Steward talks about smart, sustainable planning and design for Omaha with Grow Omaha’s Jeff Beals and Trenton Magid.

Conservation and the Quest for Quality Nebraska Places – Cecil Steward gives a presentation on conservation and quality of life for the SLPS webcast series.

Wetlands of Nebraska – A documentary from Nebraska Game & Parks exploring the value wetlands and their wildlife provide and the role they play in the lives of Nebraskans.

The High Plains Aquifer: Perspectives from Nebraska – Hydrogeologist Ann Bleed discusses the unique aspects of the Ogalalla Aquifer at the American Geosciences Institute.

Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska – Climate scientist Dr. Don Wilhite gives an in-depth presentation for the Heuermann Lecture Series.

The Nebraska Environmental Trust – A short video on the origins, imperatives, objectives, mission and vision of Nebraska’s unique Environmental Trust.

Conversations Conferences Panel Discussion – Regional experts discuss five critical Nebraska resources—water, land, food, materials, and energy—and pressures upon them due to global flux. Two videos.

Urban Thinkers Campus – A collection of 11 videos hosted on Vimeo detailing highlights from JISC’s international conference on sustainable development for small to mid-size cities.

Meeting of the Minds – Two videos provide a range of selections from our international conference on sustainable urban development from global experts in transportation, infrastructure, finance, and more.

Nebraska Sustainability Leadership Workshops – Over 3 years, JISC held workshops aimed at developing sustainability leaders throughout 26 Nebraska communities statewide.

Covering Climate Change – How have the media failed in covering the most important story humanity faces? A series of panels, speakers and a town hall address what can be done to get it right.

What Is the Solution to Disposable Plastic? – A short video from Greenpeace Nederland

Innovative Approaches to  Food Waste – In the U.S., 40% of food is wasted. This remarkable PBS Newshour 3-part series explores how innovative thinkers from coast to coast are changing that, using food waste for such things as generating electricity.

Why Millenials Are Moving Away from Large Urban Centers – This piece from PBS Newshour examines the recent phenomenon of migration from urban centers to small cities and towns, where opportunities are made and life is easier and less expensive.

Climate and Urban Health: Feeding Healthy and Resilient Cities From CDP, a forum on how cities can work to incorporate sustainable food policies and programs that work for their citizens

Trauma and Recovery: A New Story of Interconnection and Action – Mary Pipher’s lecture for the E. N. Thompson series at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

White Papers, Essays, Articles

Community Handbook – Strategic Communications for Community Sustainable Development

The Role and Need for Sustainability Planning in Small and Mid-Size Cities: Exploring Challenges, Solutions, Leadership and Activism

Rural Mid-America Communities Becoming Sustainable

The LNK Eco Market Park – A proposal showing how Sustainometrics© was used in the planning of the proposed LNK Eco Market Park

Regional Food Hub: A feasibility analysis of a regional food hub, Lincoln Public Market, and support facilities

Building Sustainable Communities through Food Hubs

The Flatwater Metroplex – The final report of regional dialogue, design and planning to help shape the environmental future of the Flatwater Metroplex.

Drake Court: Revitalizing an Omaha Landmark – Original report on design and planning for an urban core neighborhood’s sustainable future

Drake Court Update – Updated to 2019, reporting on the current state of the Drake Court neighborhood, comparing it to our original study from 15 years earlier

The EcoSTEP Tool

Greensburg: Exploring the challenges Greensburg, Kansas, faced after being decimated by a tornado, and how it rebuilt sustainably.

Net Zero Planning – Net zero energy buildings? Yes, but integrally, we must develop net zero communities.

Finding, Measuring and Addressing Urban Equity – Understanding the profound implications for urban planners and ways to allocate resources.

The Importance of Measurement: What do we measure and why? Questions about the uses of measurement.

Blockchain – What is it, how does it work, and for which disciplines is it best and worst?

Six Degrees of Acquisition: How to Improve Public Procurement – Marketplace/City’s Chris Foreman has some innovative ideas.

A Novel and Green Solution to Border Security: A wall? Who needs a wall? W. Cecil Steward proposes an innovative solution to border infrastructure.

Alegent Hospitals & Health Care: Sustainability Study

China Announces First 90 Cities to be Designated Smart Cities

The Transformation of Community Development – W. Cecil Steward’s white paper on the democratic rationale for applications of a conservation-based system of development metrics for a sustainable global habitat

A Brief Timeline of the History of Recycling

UN Environment Global Environment Outlook 6

Sustainability and Production Design in Film and Television

4 Reasons Why Urban Landscapes are a Linchpin for Climate Resilience

Calling All Change Agents: Let’s Solve the Problem of Climate Change Together

The World Resource Institute’s Creating a Sustainable Food Future

Energy Futures Institute’s The Green Real Deal

Sustainable Literacy in the Film Industry

A New Generation of ‘Hyper’ Satellites to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe

What We Know So Far About Countries’ 2020 Climate Commitments

How to Build a Green Economy That Boosts Growth and Saves the Planet

To Build Cities That Survive Climate Change, We Should Emulate Earth’s First Creatures

Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century. Important report from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences’ Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020

Ending Conflicts Over Water: Solutions to Water and Security Challenges. This Pacific Institute report explores several dozen strategies to reduce water-related conflicts in key water-insecure hotspots around the world.

Global Shades of Red

We Have 12 years to Limit Climate Change Catastrophe – Urgent changes needed to cut risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty

UN Report on Climate Change – Climate report describes strong risk of crisis as early as 2040

U.S. Climate Report – The fourth National Climate Assessment prepared by scientists in 17 federal agencies paints an alarming picture of our current status.

Change in Timing of Seasons – Massachusetts Wildlife’s Climate Action Tool demonstrates effects of the changes in the timing of seasons due to climate change.

Designing Cities to Combat Climate Change – How can cities mitigate the effects of climate change?

Climate Migration: A Growing Global Crisis – This white paper from The Climate Institute examines the issue in Chad, Bangladesh and the U.S.

Global Fossil Fuel Consumption Surges – The burning of fossil fuels is one of the greatest contributors to climate change.

Why Fresh Water Shortages Will Cause the Next Great Global Crisis – More than a billion people have no access to safe drinking water.

Ocean Plastics Pollution – As You Sow has launched an international coalition of investors to address plastic waste and pollution.

Global Population Growth – Human population is projected to grow to 11.2 billion by 2100.

Global Tree Cover Loss Is Breaking Records

Arctic Permafrost Thawing Faster – Sea ice also melting at fastest pace in 1,500 years

The Politics of Sustainable Development – White paper by Ann Dale of Royal Roads University

The World Is Facing a Global Sand Crisis

Using the Climate Crisis as Catalyst to Increase Wellbeing

Air Pollution Hits Children Hard

Lack of Rural Broadband Has Adverse Effects on the Economy

The Hard Truths of Trying to “Save” the Rural Economy

Why Development Oriented Transit is Better than Transit Oriented Development

Solutions for Affordable Workforce Housing

Causes and Effects of Urban Sprawl

It’s Not the Food Deserts, It’s the Inequality

Gone In a Generation – Poignant stories of how climate change is affecting individuals’ lives

State Energy Efficiency Scorecard – Nebraska Ranks Near the Bottom

Insect Apocalypse – Climate change and other deadly factors are upsetting the balance in the natural world.

Wildlife Isn’t a Nuisance … Human Expansion and Development Are What’s Plaguing Our Planet

Why EcoSocialism: For a Red-Green Future

Do Red and Green Mix? – A response to the article just preceding this one in the Nebraska Shades of Green Library

Is This the End of Recycling? What happens now that China has stopped accepting our trash?

NPR article: Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn’t Want It?

What Is the Solution to Disposable Plastic? – A short video from Greenpeace Nederland

Job One for Humanity – Our Story and the Latest Global Warming Facts

NASA’s Global Climate Change Project – Scientific Consensus: Earth’s Climate Is Warming

Covering Climate Change NowThe Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation have formed a working group to improve news coverage of climate change.

We have less time than you think to jump-start climate action

To Slow Global Warming, Agriculture Must Change, UN Warns

U.S. Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change, Pentagon Report Says

Climate Tipping Points—Too Risky to Bet Against

If We Want to Save Earth, We Need to Change How We Eat

This Might Be the No. 1 Reason Why European Politicians Are So Hyped Up on Climate Change

Nine Climate Tipping Points Pushing Earth to the Point of No Return

In Pictures: Bangladesh on the Frontline of Climate Crisis

Latest IUCN Report Shows Ocean Deoxygenation is Happening an Alarming Rate

Paradise Destinations Say It’s Time to Pay Up for Climate

 In Bleak Report, U.N. Says Drastic Action Is Only Way to Avoid Worst Effects of Climate Change

Pro Publica: Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

Pro Publica: New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States

The Amazon rainforest is losing its ability to be a carbon sink. Parts of it now release more carbon than can be absorbed.

IPCC: Climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, and some trends are now irreversible

PowerPoints & Presentations

Envisioning Regional Design Charrettes presentation

Sustainable Development: Planning, Designing, Administering from the Principles of the Five Domains presentation

Developing and Sustaining Creative Cities presentation

Deconstruction and Materials Reuse

Passive and Low-Energy Architecture presentation

Building Better in Eastern Nebraska: Insights for a Green Building Program

Envisioning Regional Design: The Flatwater Metroplex presentation

Sustainometrics Infographic – Demonstrates the interconnectedness and interdependencies of the Five Domains and shows how the metrics of this tool are applied.

Select NET-Sponsored Projects

In its 25-year history, the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET), has funded hundreds of projects that have led to a stronger, more vital and sustainable ecosystem and conservation of our natural resources. The Joslyn Institute has studied these NET-funded projects and selected a number that demonstrate how our concept of The Five Domains of Sustainability and our trademarked Sustainometrics© can be

applied to projects of all sizes and types, in terms of design, planning, and measurement of effects/outcomes. Below are three examples. We have created a page featuring 17 projects which demonstrate our methodologies of the Five Domains and Sustainometrics©, and have included a project map and other features. Click here to see more.

Project 04-114 – Water Quality and Quantity in the Republican River Drainage

Project 05-131-3 – The Pintail Initiative: A Race Against Time

Project 10-163 – Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Waterwise Project