Essential Reading

Sustainometrics: Measuring Sustainability – Design, Planning and Public Administration for Sustainable Living is an essential new book by W. Cecil Steward and Sharon Kuska, detailing the use of the EcoSTEP℠ tool. EcoSTEP℠ can be applied at any scale of design, planning, or sustainability problem-solving. It is a method which has been effectively used in pre-design programming, neighborhood and regional assessments, post-occupancy evaluations of industrial buildings, and comparative analysis of similar buildings, among others. The book can be purchased from Design Intelligence Bookstore: http://www.di.net/store/sustainometrics.

This website is replete with research and study resources. Among the most highly recommended papers are the following four reports. Click on the title to download a PDF of the report.

Developing and Sustaining Creative Cities: A Sustainability Tool for Designers, Planners, and Public Administrators, a report prepared by W. Cecil Steward and Sharon Kuska for the Sustainable City and Creativity: Promoting Creative Urban Initiatives conference in Naples, Italy, in September 2008

The 5 Domains & EcoSTEP: An Introduction: A Needs Assessment for Training and Education for Community Sustainability, a paper by W. Cecil Steward introducing the underlying principles of sustainability and key data and information for a four-part needs assessment for sustainability training and education

A Design, Planning and Urban Administration Strategy for Sustainability, a paper by W. Cecil Steward and Sharon Kuska, presenting a paradigm and a tool for guiding the designer, planner, or administrator through a lifetime of conservation-based, sustainable practices

Envisioning Regional Design, the 34-page final report of our pathbreaking charettes studying six areas within the Omaha-Lincoln metroplex. Click here to download the executive summary of the initiative.

Our initiatives have produced important studies as well. Following is a list of Joslyn Institute initiatives and their related reports, imagery, and/or work that resulted from them. Click on the name to go to that page.

The Five Domains of Sustainability

The EcoSTEP™ Tool for Measuring Sustainability

Visioning for the Future

Flatwater Metroplex

Envisioning Regional Design

Recommended Bibliography

Also of import is W. Cecil Steward’s bimonthly Green Column. Steward delves into topics as diverse as cities’ five-year plans and the importance of eating local foods.

In addition, we recommend the following papers by third parties.

Natural Resource Amenities and Nebraska’s Economy: Current Connections, Challenges, and Possibilities, a report by Ernie Niemi of ECONorthwest in Eugene, Oregon, that examines the current status of, and potential for natural resource- related, amenity-driven economic growth in Nebraska

An Assessment of the World Agriculture Report, a report by Twyla Hansen, quality system administrator at Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA)