Best Practices

United Nations Best Practices / Dubai Award

The Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities is a member of the United Nations’ Best Practices and Local Leadership Program (BLP). JISC President and CEO W. Cecil Steward helps to evaluate submissions for the UN’s Dubai Awards for Best Practices, and the JISC is the designated Thematic Center of Architecture and Urban Design.

The United Nations Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS) Best Practices program consists of both the Dubai Awards program and an extensive database detailing Best Practices used in developing and developed countries throughout the world. The awards recognize and create awareness of outstanding and sustainable achievements. The database makes information on best practices available via internet or CD Rom to an international audience.

One of 27 partners worldwide, the Joslyn Institute helps to evaluate submissions for the Dubai Awards program and develops the database by encouraging submissions that highlight the benefits of sustainable design.

You can find more information on Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment, along with case studies and reports, at