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North/North Network

Project Overview

While the conditions for inhabitants of cities in northern latitudes have been accommodating to better health, greater economic opportunities and satisfying lifestyles, the aggregate footprints of consumption of many of these cities and regions have grown troublesome and threatening to larger global ecosystems, raising concerns about ecological sustainability of all cities. Existing and new economic growth in major northern cities is now recognized to be a strain on local, regional, and global ecosystems, as well as energy resources.

To ensure that communities can continue to grow and prosper in the northern latitudes urban experts, scientists, professionals and local leaders in the northern hemisphere including China, Russia, USA, Czech Republic, and academic institutions formed the North/North Network for Urban Sustainability and Leadership (North/North Network). The North/North Network’s primary mission is to promote urban sustainability by exchanging best practices information and supporting research and specific projects in urban jurisdictions above the 35th parallel.

To accomplish its mission, North/North Network leveraged the experience and expertise of its organization including regional offices and, through collaboration with partner organizations, identify opportunities for addressing each of the five core objectives of urban sustainability:

public policy

Activities included:

  • Executing agreements among university programs for conducting joint research, student exchange, and networking information on sustainability, tourism, and consumption issues;
  • Exchanging best practices information between northern cities on the five core sustainability guidelines;
  • Recognizing transferable and laudable best practices;
  • Identifying and matching the needs of northern cities with existing or emerging technology-based solutions;
  • Providing business assistance/mentoring to selected companies annually, selected because of their strong potential to achieve progress on sustainability practices;
  • Developing evaluation criteria for the five core sustainability domains for northern sustainable communities.

Measuring Success

The North/North Network will measure its performance using the following administrative and outcome-based measures:

  • Number of partnerships created or facilitated, including universities, UN offices, NGOs and governmental organizations
  • Number of people whose basic quality of life has improved based on sustainability indicators
  • Amount of life cycle cost savings for businesses, cities, and organizations
  • Improved sustainability for selected businesses
  • Improved sustainability for governmental efficiency
  • Measurable improvement in environmental health conditions for selected communities annually
  • Number of innovative solutions that have been implemented.