Deconstruction vs. Demolition

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JISC, through its Center for Sustainable Construction, established a salvaged materials sales venue as an alternative to the usual demolition and disposal of building materials as waste. EcoStore opened its doors in 2004. The stated mission of EcoStore is to provide a chance for good material to be reused, to be an economic alternative for the community and to reduce building material landfill waste.

EcoStore is organized to stimulate and supply the re-use and recycling of construction materials back into the economy of construction in eastern Nebraska.

Since its inception, EcoStore has recycled over 3,000 tons of materials, diverting them from landfills. In 2007, EcoStores received 146,500 pounds of donated building materials from businesses and individuals. Another 176,000 pounds of building materials were salvaged through their deconstruction efforts. These efforts resulted in a total of 322,500 pounds of building materials being diverted from the landfill. This was an 83% increase in the amount diverted from the previous year.

EcoStore  has been homeless for a few years, while we look for a permanent home for this important enterprise. We hope to be able to announce a re-opening by 2022. Stay tuned!