Over the past 25 years, the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) has underwritten hundreds of projects that have enhanced life in Nebraska, helped to conserve our resources, and helped to spur sustainable innovation and resourcefulness. As part of our Nebraska Shades of Green Library project, the Joslyn Institute explored NET-funded projects with an eye toward seeing how

they might fit within our Five Domains of Sustainability framework. Below are some projects we have selected to highlight, along with a PDF mapping where these projects took place, categorizing the projects according to type, and showing which of the Five Domains are most applicable to each project.  Click on the image to view the project.

Select Environmental Trust Projects

Project Map, Categories and Domains – A three-page PDF including a map of where the selected projects took place in Nebraska, what categories the projects comprise, and which of the Five Domains each project fits within

Project 04-114 – Water Quality and Quantity in the Republican River Drainage

Project 05-131 – The Pintail Initiative: A Race Against Time

Project 10-163 – Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Waterwise Project

Project 08-136 – WasteCap Nebraska Electronics Recycling

Project 07-120 – Groundwater Guardians Green Sites

Project 99-141 – Nebraska Municipal Surface Water Consortium

Project 98-110 – Nebraska Water Quality Initiative

Project 06-158 – Statewide Grassland Enhancement Project

Project 08-129 – Eastern Saline Wetlands Project

Project 08-152 – Schramm Bluffs Preservation Project

Project 09-118 – Invasive Species Control along the Platte River

Project 09-154 – Community Lakes Enhancement And Restoration

Project 09-173 – Reducing Carbon Dioxide through Residential Energy Efficient Practices

Project 10-132 – Keep Alliance Beautiful Recycling Center Equipment & Education Programs

Project 11-132 – Trees for Nebraska Towns

Project 10-150 – Greening of Antelope Valley Park System

Project 11-182 – Energize Nebraska – The Hamilton Community Foundation

Project 10-174 – Journal Star Recycling

Project 13-203 – The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project