The Future of Sustainable Design and Construction

 In Design for Sustainability


A message from our CEO and founder, W. Cecil Steward. This week’s submission was featured in The Midlands Business Journal for their Celebrate Construction section. 

Since the beginning of human communities on the planet we have been makers of tools, weapons, shelter and other survival necessities.  Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when we connected design and ingenuity with the making of machines, buildings and products, we have had marvelous success in moving cultures and economies from idea to new things and places —  so much success that we have globally identified “the quality of human life” with the objects, places, and products that have been made.

The unintended consequence of this making has been mountains, and oceans of waste and the destruction of non-renewable natural resources and nature’s species. New science tells us we must design and build against GHG and waste, not for 30 years, but 100 years to reverse this damage.

Design and decision-making processes about the use of resources must change to respect and implement a conservation ethic for all constructed projects and products. It is imperative that we know whether we are making sustainable decisions, upfront before committing the resources to use.  This is the process of waste avoidance.

To embrace conservation while seeking creative, efficient, equitable, sustainable solutions must be the goal.  We only have one place to live, but we have many choices about the how and the qualities of living and making.

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